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Saturday Morning Reflections
April 6th 2013

with patrick

6 to 9 a.m.

6:00 a.m.

Nothing Was the Same

Young Oceans

Before the Beginning



Fernando Ortega


  Within Me Grace Williams Deep Waters
  Psalm 9 (Fighting for Me) Darin Kaihoi / The Psalms Project    Volume 1: Psalms 1-10
  It is Well Aprilmade w/Johnny Stimson The Hymn Project

Hold Me Together

Ben and Noelle

Sacred Songs


Psalm 4 (When I Call)

Melissa Breems / The Psalms Project

Volume 1: Psalms 1-10
  This Is Just So Beautiful Jenny & Tyler Faint Not
  Psalm 8 (In All the Earth) Emily Heilman / The Psalms Project Volume 1: Psalms 1-10
  Building a Sorrowful Loneliness Telecast Eternity is Now
  Sleeping City Kutless  
  Just Below the Surface Phil Keaggy & Jeff Johnson Frio Suite

7:00 a.m.

The Emerald Valley

David Nevue



Abide With Me


Hymns II


If Not For You

Derek Webb & Sandra McCracken


  Everything is Fading Pablo Perez Majestic Splendor
  Is It Now Moya Brennan  


  Dance With Me Derek Loux Paper Religion


Psalm 1 (Everything He Does Shall Prosper)

Lance Edward / The Psalms Project


Volume 1: Psalms 1-10


  Just Below the Surface Phil Keaggy & Jeff Johnson Frio Suite
  takk Eine Blume Enna er det hap fru Ahlgren
(Yet There is Hope, Mrs. Ahlgren)
  Ancient Town Moya Brennan  

All Flesh Is Like the Grass (1 Peter 1:24-25) Fernando Ortega The Shadow of Your Wings
  Lord of All  Young Oceans Young Oceans
  Aaron's Blessing (May the Lord Bless You) David Michael Carillo  
8:00 a.m. My All in Thee Young Oceans Advent

With All My Affection

Brian Doerksen

You Shine

  Rock of Ages Page CXVI Hymns II
  Eternity - No Beginning, No End Iona The Book of Kells


I Can Hear Your Voice

Michael W. Smith

Worship Again

Heart After You

Luke Wood

The Law and the Prophets



Heath McNease

The Weight of Glory

  Can't Live Without You Bebo Norman Bebo Norman
  There Is A Redeemer Eden's Bridge Celtic Reflections on Hymns
  How Long (Love Constraining to Obedience) Wayfarer The River
  Beyond the Blue Josh Garrels  
  Great Is Our God (Trinity Grace Version) Young Oceans  

The Story

before the beginning it is said
the great Spirit of God in canopies of darkness
hovered over the face of the deep
the brooding potential of all to come
stirring the waters

down into the ominous void
went the words of God
creating space to be filled
with water and life teeming
first light on the young oceans

vast the life it grew
always on into the space beyond
though the poisons came
bent backs and nothing was the same
except for God

before the end it is said
we the young oceans
will wrestle no more with the deep dark
glimpsing out like children before the sea
we see what will be coming

singing on the banks
waiting together and telling
winding stories of just how
the ancient curse has lost its grip
so all with God are young forever

- Caleb Clardy (2012)

YOUNG OCEANS is a neo-alternative worship project that evolved from hymns penned and arranged within the Trinity Grace Church community in New York City.   The endeavor sprang up as an offshoot from TGC’s two live worship albums, Without End (2009) and We Sing As One (2011), when an eclectic gathering of musicians and parishioners began exploring artful re-renderings of those songs in a SoHo apartment.  Untethered from the expectations of a traditional congregational format, including both length and structure, a musical ethos emerged as more a companion to reflective prayer and meditation than to a typical church experience.  Attendance at impromptu gatherings soon filled to overflowing, and led to the recording of a studio album that could be shared on a broader level.  The resulting YOUNG OCEANS album was released in April 2012 as both a free download and for-purchase album via all major outlets for those wishing to support the project.


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