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One Heart Ministries first operated in the Harrisburg area through Love 720AM, based in Shiremanstown during the 1990s. In 2000 Pete and Tess Hamel, the heartbeat of the ministry, were able to lease WKBO at 1230AM. Pete was in the studio when the horrors of 9/11 occurred and led us through the trauma and grieving as we committed ourselves to our Father God and sought His presence to sustain us. 

Tess overflowed from her times of prayer in the Conversations with Tess and continues to with Gentle Whispers through Fortress 1230 and Fortress Internet Christian Radio. 

In 2003 Patrick joined Pete & Tess in the ministry with Saturday Morning Reflections. The program continues to be dedicated to provide an opportunity of a time of reflection and awareness of the depth of the love and faithfulness of our Lord as we ease into each weekend.

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